Raja Ampat in 12 nights

Discover our itinerary to Raja Ampat in 13 days and 12 nights: an experience which will make you discover the iconic places of this archipelago.

Are you ready for a unique thrilling experience?

Your day by day itinerary

Day 01 | Sorong to Waisai
  • This day marks the beginning of your cruise with us to Raja Ampat. Departure from the port of Sorong where you can board our Phinisi and take possession of your cabin!
  • We will start our cruise heading to Waisai.
  • Depending on your departure time, you'll do a check dive in Saonek Monde.
Day 02 | Dampier Strait
  • To begin our cruise, we will bring you to our very first spot called Blue River. It is a natural wonder, with its crystal blue waters.
  • We head next to the diving area of the Dampier Strait where we can dive Blue Magic and Mike's Point.
  • Our third dive will be at night in Sewandarek.
Day 03 | Arborek
  • In the morning, we will dive the famous Cape Kri, it's said to be one of the most biodiverse sites on the planet with a record 293 species recorded by experts on a single dive.
  • Next, we head to the Arborek village. There we dive the famous Manta Ridge and/or Manta Sandy to get the chance to encounter the majestic Manta Rays.
  • We also can dive in the Arborek Jetty, famous for it's huge clams before enjoying a nice visit of the village.
Day 04 | Yengello
  • Welcome to Yengello! This calm and relaxing area offers 3 diving spots: Mangrove Ridge, Citrus Ridge and Mayhem.
  • This is also a relaxing part of our cruise, as a calm lagoon awaits you to relax.
  • Ideal for activities such as kayaking or paddling and spending the night peacefully in the bay.
Day 05 | Pianemo
  • For our third day, we'll be sailing towards Pianemo!
  • After breakfast, we will dive on the site of Melissa’s Garden, famous for its variety and density of corals
  • Next, we enjoy a drift dive at the Keruo Channel.
  • In the afternoon, we will head to the island of Penemu for a short walk to a beautiful viewpoint in a star-shaped lagoon.
  • Last, we will dive in Galaxy, a beautiful reef which houses abundant underwater life.
Day 06 | Dayang
  • After the breakfast, we will have two dives in the Dayan’s Manta Point
  • In the afternoon, we will start our long crossing to Misool.
Day 07 | Misool - Lenkafal
  • After the long night cruising to the south of Raja Ampat, we arrive in our first Misool destination; Lenkafal.
  • Our first dive will be at the Batman Wall followed by Elisa's Point.
  • Next, we will explore the famous Jellyfish Lake with it's thousands of non harmful jellyfishes.
  • We end the day by cruising more south and diving in Basri Reef on our way down.
Day 08 | Misool - Wayilbatan
  • Let's start well this day with the Baracuda Rock dive site, full of schooling fishes and some nice currents.
  • Close by, we dive Wedding Cake with it's original topography and coral garden.
  • In the afternoon, our third dive of the day is one of our personal favorite: Gorgonian Passage or also named Neptune's Fan Sea and it's thousands of huge soft corals. Usually a nice drift dive.
  • We end the day with the a big Misool highlight, the Heart Shaped Lagoon.
Day 09 | Misool - Fiabacet
  • Heading to South-East of Misool in Fiabacet.
  • We will dive some famous dive sites today, like Tank Rock and Nudi Rock, where there are plenty of fans of soft corals and amazing walls to explore.
  • Next, Boo Rocks, two large rocky openings that completely pierce the island. The density of fish and the explosion of colors makes it breathtaking.
Day 10 | Misool - Yilliet
  • We enjoy one more morning dive in Whale Rock in Fiabacet before heading to Yilliet.
  • There, we dive Romeo & Yuliet (got it?), two amazing dive sites full of life and colors.
  • Now is time a beach time in the afternoon at the famous Shark Beach of Yilliet. Where you can snorkel in shallow crystal clear water with baby sharks.
  • Now is the time for our famous Teman Beach BBQ. Enjoy some relaxing time, a nice drink and some volleyball on our nice beach setup while fresh grilled fish is getting prepared for you.
Day 11 | Misool - Balbulol
  • After a cruising time to the North-East of Misool, we arrive in Balbulol where we enjoy two dives: No contest and Love Potion.
  • You will be able to see rocks with vertical walls, amazing soft coral cover, a large variety of fish including schools of Platax and Snappers as well as humpback Parrot Fish.
  • Last, you will dive in the Masker Cave.
Day 12 | Misool - Daram
  • Welcome to Daram islands! This is the most easterly island in the Misool region. You can observe some of the world's most impressive forests of gorgonian sea fans and soft corals.
  • Andiamo and Candy Store are two dive sites where it's not uncommon to come across barracudas gliding over pygmy seahorses.
  • At the end of the day, we start our long journey back to Sorong.
Day 13 | Back to Sorong
  • We're now back in Sorong and it's already time to say goodbye!
  • We will have the opportunity to exchange our best photos and anecdotes of these few days spent together

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The Four Kings

Welcome aboard our traditional and authentic boat, the KLM Teman, for an unforgettable diving experience in Raja Ampat! Located in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago, Raja Ampat is a true diver's paradise, with its crystal-clear waters and exceptional marine biodiversity. With its thousands of limestone islands, our day-by-day program will take you to explore the most spectacular diving sites, where you can swim alongside majestic manta rays, explore colorful coral reefs, and observe an incredible variety of tropical fish. Are you ready for a unique thrilling experience?

Itinerary Highlight

Hundred of limestones islands
Authentic local villages
Pianemo's viewpoint
Wobbegong sharks
Manta rays
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  • Airport to boat transfers on start days and end days
  • Non-alcoholic drinks: Mineral Water, soda, juices, local coffee & tea
  • Meals 3 times per day & all days snacks
  • English and/or French speaking Cruise Director
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins)
  • Towels & bed sheets
  • Water sports (Kayaks & Stand Up Paddles)
  • Beach BBQ & beach volleyball (if and when possible)


  • Maximum 3 guided dives per day
  • English speaking local dive guides
  • Full 12L dive tanks, weight belt and weights


  • Any bank fees and bank commissions due during payment
  • Domestic flight tickets to/from Vessel departure location
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • National park / Port fees & Conservation Fees
  • Dive Equipment rental
  • 15L Tank
  • Fuel Surcharge (if any)
  • Tips for the crew

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